Useful information and some Frequently Asked Questions

How does premium finance work?

When you have agreed your insurance premium with Lifesure, you can opt to pay for your insurance in instalments rather than an upfront charge. We typically request a 20% deposit, followed by 10 monthly instalments, the first being collected no more than 21 days after the date the policy goes live. Your Lifesure adviser can assist you with the deposit and payment options.

How much does it cost?

Our flat interest rate is 12%

A £200 policy would be illustrated as follows:

Initial deposit of £40, followed by 10 payments of £17.92

Total amount payable £219.20

Typical APR 28.56%

Our APR calculation assumes the following:

Drawdown Conditions

We will provide you with the amount of credit as outlined in your Finance Agreement at the outset of the Agreement. We do this by allowing you to pay for your insurance policy in 10 instalments where a deposit has been collected or 11 instalments if you have not paid an initial deposit.

Are there any other costs or hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs.

We will be required to charge a nominal fee to cover additional postage, unplanned defaults and additional direct debit collections. All of these potential charges and the circumstances in which they would apply are clearly set out in your finance agreements.

Do I need an email address to receive my documents?

Ideally, yes, we would securely email you your agreements so that you can e-sign them. However, we can post them to you if you prefer, at no additional cost.

Posting more than one copy to you will result in a further cost of £10.

Can I change my payment date?

Yes, it is possible to change your payment date, please email us with your agreement reference in the subject field so that we can discuss and arrange this with you. Our email address is

Alternatively, you can ring us on 01480 278523 with your agreement number to hand.

What happens if I cannot pay an instalment or instalments?

Please contact us by phone (with your agreement reference to hand) as soon as you become aware of an issue so that we can discuss your options.

What do I do if I change address or have a change to make to my policy?

If you need to change your address, please notify Lifesure who will update their system and pass the information to us to update our systems for you.

For other changes, please contact us by email or alternatively phone us to discuss.

What if I need to change or amend my insurance policy?

You should contact a Lifesure adviser on 01480 402460 who will update our systems automatically for you.

Can anyone get premium finance?

We are passionate about being a responsible lender.

We may perform a soft credit check on new finance agreements. If this check reports anything adverse, it might affect our ability to offer you finance. Should this happen, Lifesure will contact you accordingly to discuss.

We will not be able to offer instalments to Lifesure customers with an annual premium of less than £80.

If you are worried about being able to afford your instalments, we would urge you not to enter into a credit agreement.